Gawai 2016

It was a hot day. So we decided went to nearby river and cool our body with swimming.The kids were so happy with the idea and happily tagging along with me to enjoy their hot and humid afternoon. Brought some snacks and enjoy our little picnic at the river bank and enjoy the serene nature … Continue reading Gawai 2016


Dyna+Belaja Gawai Lelabi 2016

Some pre-wedding pictures from this couple. The day we depart for 'Ngambi Indu'. In Iban culture, the groom will go to the bride's house and 'officially invited' her to the groom's hometown. This is what 'Ngambi Indu' tradition in Iban culture. Literal translation for 'ngambi Indu' is 'fetch the bride'. Ha ha ha ha. This … Continue reading Dyna+Belaja Gawai Lelabi 2016

Longhouse ‘Mangkong Tiang’ 2015

In Iban language, Mangkong Tiang, literally means 'hammering the pillar'. From this literal translation, it is some sort of housewarming. Two years ago, my ancestral longhouse had their housewarming ceremony officiated by our very own Member of Parliment (Kapit Division). I had the opportunity to join this joyous celebration with the rest of family members … Continue reading Longhouse ‘Mangkong Tiang’ 2015