Longhouse ‘Mangkong Tiang’ 2015

In Iban language, Mangkong Tiang, literally means ‘hammering the pillar’. From this literal translation, it is some sort of housewarming. Two years ago, my ancestral longhouse had their housewarming ceremony officiated by our very own Member of Parliment (Kapit Division). I had the opportunity to join this joyous celebration with the rest of family members and fellow villagers.

Mangkong tiang10 (1)

my niece is happy with her balloon

Mangkong Tiang (1)

my cousins are waiting for the arrival of VIPs

Mangkong Tiang (2)

Mangkong Tiang (3)

Mangkong tiang10 (2)

Mangkong tiang10 (4)

The bridge that connects 3 longhouses together

Mangkong tiang10 (3)

The view of my longhouse across the river

Mangkong tiang10 (5)

The VIP is arrived with his entourage; the MP of Kapit parliment

Mangkong tiang10 (6)

Mangkong Tiang (4)

Officiating the new bridge too

Mangkong Tiang (5)

Mangkong Tiang (6)

Mangkong Tiang (7)

Mangkong tiang10 (7)

Welcome – welcome

Mangkong tiang10 (8)

The ladies-in-waiting

Mangkong Tiang (8)

The entourage escort/dancer

Mangkong Tiang (9)

Yeah. Shake that hand

Mangkong tiang10 (9)

The ceremony is started

Mangkong tiang10 (10)

Yeah. The speech. Bla bla bla

Thankyou to Datuk Alexander Nanta officiated the housewarming joyously. Ha ha ha. My longhouse is at Song, Kapit. So, you are most welcome to stay too!


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