Dyna+Belaja Gawai Lelabi 2016

Some pre-wedding pictures from this couple.


wedding (1)

wedding (2)

The day we depart for ‘Ngambi Indu’. In Iban culture, the groom will go to the bride’s house and ‘officially invited’ her to the groom’s hometown. This is what ‘Ngambi Indu’ tradition in Iban culture. Literal translation for ‘ngambi Indu’ is ‘fetch the bride’. Ha ha ha ha.

wedding (5)

This is ‘baka’. It contains some sweets, coins and pinang. Pinang is a species of palm fruit (areca catechu). This ‘baka’ will be used for ‘ice-breaking’ between the mother-in-laws from both sides.

wedding (6)

Entourage from the groom’s side on the way to the bride’s house

wedding (7)

wedding (12)

wedding (11)


The groom’s entourage

wedding (9)

wedding (13)

wedding (14)

Merry-go-around the longhouse. Well, some sort of greeting the longhouse residents


Before entering the house, pig will be sacrificed to appease the deity.

wedding (15)IMG_5092IMG_5074

Start the ceremony with ‘miring’ ritual. An offering to the gods and goddesses.

wedding (16)wedding (18)

Using male chicken to pray over the offerings.

IMG_5066IMG_5167IMG_5147IMG_5138IMG_5123wedding (19)wedding (20)wedding (21)IMG_5220IMG_5188IMG_5227IMG_5267IMG_5234

The opening of ‘baka’. This is sort of ice-breaking games for the in-laws. Both will exchange their ‘baka’ with one another and compete who can open the basket faster. The fastest is the winner.


Yes, the groom’s tied up their ‘baka’ tightly with cellophone tape. So that the bride’s mother has difficulties or delayed their speed. Woohoo!


We wrapped the palm fruit with some wires.



The groom with his nieces.


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